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Tips to Discover Your Makeup Personality

For most women, makeup is meant to improve their best appearance and features. For some, makeup serves to hide blemishes and small discolorations on their skins. Others just find it fun to play with different shades and experiment with makeup’s transformative ability. A makeup tutorial can help you discover different makeup styles, of which the style you prefer determines your personality in relation to makeup.

Experts believe that makeup-related personality falls into three main categories namely minimalist, confident, and daring. Each user falls into one of the categories. While a makeup tutorial by professionals can help you decide the right makeup for your skin, it is equally important to know which category you belong. The following are some of the tips you can follow to arrive at your makeup category:

Minimalist Makeup Users

In this category, users do not necessarily depend on makeup, but they use it sparingly. They want to remain just simple, spending only five minutes or less applying makeup in the morning. Their main aim is to use the foundation to have an even skin tone. Just a little bronze of sheer gloss is enough, without overdoing it.

Users in this category can do without makeup on weekends or on a day that they are not likely to meet many people. They use none or at most four products to achieve the look. If you show these behaviors with your makeup, then you belong to a minimalist category.

Confident Makeup Users

Confident users of makeup spend between five and fifteen minutes to apply makeup in the morning. Besides, they use between four and ten makeup products to achieve their desired look, and their overall goal of using makeup is to improve their favorite features.

For instance, they can apply Fullips lip enhancer to improve their lips. In that category, little is never enough, yet they do not want to overdo it. For them, makeup remains part of their everyday routine, using it to improve and define their looks. Makeup tutorial services are important in their lives because they want to learn more about new products and methods of application.

Their handbags have more than one product for the lips such as lipstick or lip-gloss, and their aim is to maintain good looks but not to overdo it. A majority of women fall in this category.

Daring Makeup Users 

In this category, users are likely to spend more than 15 minutes applying makeup in the morning. They use more than ten products to achieve the look of their desire and apply a little more makeup in specific areas such as the eyes, lips, or face. They believe in the transformative power of makeup and often apply different shades and the latest products to achieve their look. Besides, they are always willing to learn more about makeup and its techniques and methods of application.

With this information, you can easily determine your category and get the necessary products that make you achieve your desired look. However, whatever category you find yourself in, it is important to uphold the importance of tutorial makeup and look for professionals to provide appropriate advice.

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