4 Benefits of Cremation

Paying the last respect to a family member or to a friend is usually painful. When death comes, it is mostly during the least expected moment. When one dies, a funeral is held. Funerals can be of many types. There is the traditional burial, cremation, or even sinking the body deep into the ocean.  After death occurs, people usually meet to decide on which method to use so that they can give the dead a good send off. Perth funerals are not different; some people prefer burial ceremonies while most go for the cremation type of funeral. For the last couple of years, Perth funerals involving cremation have been on the rise. It is estimated that in 2025, more than 50% of the population will be going for cremation instead of burial ceremony. Cremation is therefore on its way to outshining the traditional burial in Perth funerals. Death is inevitable and so people should understand the best way in which to pay the last respect to a dead person is by cremating the body. The rise of cremation has been due to the many benefits or advantages.

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Below are some of the advantages.


Funerals in Perth have been so quick due to the people embracing cremation as a way of paying the last respect to the dead. You will find that cremating a body is a quick process and a clean way of disposing the body. In the burial ceremony, the occasion can even take up to 5 hours, but in cremation, 2 or even an hour is enough. This way, time is saved and people can engage in other activities. Cremation is usually burning of the body. Just the ashes remain.


You will never come across a funeral ceremony that is as simple as cremation. Whenever you take a visit at Perth, you will find Perth funerals being the simplest. This is because there are no elaborate funeral proceedings. When one dies, the people left behind will usually find it okay when they avoid going through some rigorous brainstorming on where to get caskets and things like flowers. Cremation simplifies your funeral service in a great way.

Environment friendly

The fact that you will find cheap Perth funerals, you will also realize that cremation is environmentally friendly. This is because most of the funerals involve cremation. Cremation does not require a casket and so trees are saved. You should also note that after cremation, nothing is left behind apart from the ashes. To a great extent, cremation saves trees on this planet. When cremation takes place, the body is exposed to a high temperature and thus no remains are left. The environment hence is left clean and conducive to man.

Saves on land

With the large number of people on earth, that is a very big population, the demand for settlement land is on the rise. If the traditional burial ceremonies become the order of the day, then land will get reduced at a large pace. It is for this reason that cremation benefits us in saving land.

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