Things to Look For When Choosing a Gold Coast Painter

Painting gives a home a fresh look. It beautifies and preserves the house. Investing in painting is indeed a worthwhile venture. But, painting can be frustrating if done the wrong way. The right professional team will make sure that the project is worth the investment. You want a Gold Coast painter who is skillful and experienced in producing exceptional painting results. There are many painters in Gold Coast and getting the right one can be a challenge. It is important to note that not all of them are genuine. There is good number of fake, inexperienced painters also posing as ‘the best painters in Gold Coast’. So that you do not fall victim to such scams, you need to select your Gold Coast painter carefully and wisely. Here are the signs of a reliable and professional painter. You should watch out for them when selecting your painter.

Experience in the field

Painting is not an easy job and requires special skills. The only way a painter can hone his abilities is by completing projects. Look for a Gold Coast painter with a wealth of experience below his belt. How many years has he worked in the field of painting? Ask if the contractor specializes in painting or is involved in other businesses such as renovations. A painter who specializes only in painting is more likely to provide an excellent job as compared to a general contractor.


A trustworthy painter should show signs of professional reputation. You can know of a painter’s reputation through online reviews or through past clients. A painter with a lot of positive reviews in their website is recommendable. Look for the willingness of the painter to give you contact information of past clients. One who is delighted to provide you with such information is certainly proud of his work. Be wary of painters who are reluctant to give evidence of their past projects; they could be having questionable reputation.

Workmanship guarantees

You want a painter who will be accountable for his work. Reputable painters do not only adhere to Australian painting standards but also offer warranties and guarantees for their labor. Some of the best painters in Gold Coast guarantee their work for as many as seven years. Such a company shows confidence in doing the job perfectly.

Licenses and insurance

This is a very important factor to look for in a painter. Some painters qualify themselves as painters simply because they have the equipment to do painting. It is imperative to check the license of a painter. A license shows that the painter has met certain, technical, experience, financial and managerial skills and has been approved by the building services authority. A professional painter should possess professional indemnity insurance. This insurance safeguards the client and the contractor. It also covers any damages on the property and the people on the work site.

With this information, you have a clearer understanding of the steps you need to take to ensure a lasting and quality paint job.

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